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Do you know how to plan for college?

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You might want to take some time to explore the site and get used to the look and feel. We have added new resources and updated the website content. Click here to take an interactive quiz on financial planning for college.

We would like to thank the Verizon Foundation for supporting the College for Adults website.

If you answered “No,” or if you are not sure, then you are in the right place! The College for Adults website is designed to help adults who are going to college for the first time.

This website will help you with career planning, college selection and the application process. We will also suggest ways to find money to pay for college, and direct you to resources to help you prepare for college-level work.

We have divided this website into five individual topics, or “units,” listed at left. Click on one of the units for more information on that topic. Each unit also includes worksheets for you to print and fill out. You don't have to go through the units in any particular order, but it's probably best if you start with Career Planning and then make your way through Applying to College, Financial Planning, and Academic Skills, finishing up with Resources.

Note: Want to listen to the information on this website? Download BrowseAloud by clicking here.