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The “For Students” section includes success stories and suggestions from other students as well as tips for studying, and more.

Dr. Mom’s Guide to College
This short guide to college is written by a college professor. Technically it was written for young adults who are getting ready to go to college but much of the advice is practical for students of any age who will be going to college.

This site gives guidance on everything from choosing a career to getting discount textbooks and cool tools to help you at school. On the home page, click on “Getting Started” to begin.

Petersons Online Degrees and Distance Learning Programs
This website provides information on distance learning programs in the United States. If you’re not near a college campus or have a really busy schedule, and you have access to the Internet and feel comfortable studying without sitting in a class, then distance learning is probably your best option. Read the instructions in the middle of the page to learn more.

The Adult Student Center
This website can help you plan for college, do well there, and find a job after graduation. It also has a special section for women.


Still have to develop a list of all the worksheets on the website.