On Campus Support

Remember that you are not alone in your journey to get a college degree. When you find yourself struggling with homework, childcare, or with just getting used to being at college, there are people and services on campus there to help. Also, do not be afraid to ask your professor for help. Remember, your professor wants you to do well at school.

Office Hours

Almost all teachers will have designated office hours where they are available to meet with students one-on-one. Take advantage of this time to receive extra help on assignments or talk with your teachers about potential scheduling conflicts. Speaking with a teacher early in the semester will help you avoid any future problems.

Tutoring Centers

Many college campuses offer free tutoring to all of their students. Some colleges have tutoring centers that cover all subjects. Other colleges have tutoring centers that focus on specific things like writing or math. You should take advantage of the tutoring center. If you are on a campus that does not have a tutoring center, you should talk with your professor about recommending a private or volunteer tutor.

Mentoring Programs

Some colleges offer mentoring programs to new students. College mentors are more experienced students, or other people with college knowledge who provide support to new students. At some colleges, mentors will show you around the college campus, introduce you other students, tell you about the different professors on campus, and check in with you once or twice a month to see how you are doing. Ask if your college offers a mentoring program.

Career Center

Most colleges offer their current students and graduates access to career services. Career center staff can help you find a job that will allow you to work while you go to school. Some of the typical career center services include résumé writing, job searching, and interview preparation.

Health Center

Most colleges also offer students basic medical care. The school may have included a mandatory fee for health care in your college bill. If a health problem is affecting your ability to go to class or keep up with your homework, then go to the health center. Many college health centers can provide emergency care, treatment of minor injuries, and treatment for common illnesses.

Student Support Center

Some colleges may have a student support center to help students deal with challenges. For example, if you are having trouble finding or paying for childcare, make an appointment with a counselor at the student support center. The counselor may be able to refer you to a childcare center or provide you with vouchers to pay for childcare.

If English is your second language:

Learning centers at colleges may have special centers or tutors for ESL students. Ask at the college to find out more, and check out the I am an ESL Student page for more tips.

What’s Next?
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